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It was 2012 when Kelly and I had decided to move to Haliburton and start a new chapter in our lives, it was then we decided to buy a local business the Haliburton Bulk Food Store. 


The excitement and challenge of owning our own business was thrilling.  Our first goal was to offer a very friendly and accommodating place to shop, the other priority was to have a bulk food store with the utmost cleanliness.


We strive to bring in products that meet the demands of the local and seasonal customers and we now also offer discounts for full bags of bulk products whether 5 kg, 10kg or more.  Please inquire!


We have a variety of over 85 spices, coffee and many local products such as honey and preserves.


Our customers requested the elimination of plastics from our store   and we responded to their request.  Customers are now able to bring in their own jars and bags as needed.



We continue to welcome any new ideas and suggestions for ours and your local bulk food store and are pleased to assist you in your shopping needs.


Many thanks for the continuing support!


Jeff & Kelly

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